It came on with a throat hold.

The plan was to return to my hall away from home and knuckle down to a days musical activities. I have been a tight rubber band since Recovery was released and, as always, I am eager to keep the stream of creativity a flowing one. Dawn of Tuesday and all hell breaks loose in my immune system as the virus finally kicks the shit out of my armour and the winter cold takes over. But I have been determined to keep up with my outlook on the length of our lifetimes and that every inhale/ exhale really does count.

I have been writing for Harsh Winters for about 6 months now, maybe longer. I am not sure what the vision is. It is a little unclear like my car windscreen which at present has a broken wiper motor. I am travelling the road singularly at the moment and after the fireworks of the Recovery production I wanted to see what the alone side felt like. So here are three songs including two unheard, sung in a space that I feel strangely comfortable in even though it has a slight hint of Midsummers kill zone about it.