The Marriage of a Killer and a Bird Song

December 1st 2019 will see the release of my first album under the guise of Harsh Winters. ( pre-order )

By this point I usually would have paved the way to release day with a spattering of shows and content but the past year has been a learning curve both necessary and also on occasion, regretful. My daughter, my lifesaver, has been my focus and reason and that meant that timescales and directions have been diverted and rethought. Shows will come.

The music though, as a true friend informed me, needed to be out there where it could be heard and I hope, appreciated.

I have always found it hard to go in to depth about what the songs I write are about. The lyrics are available via the Bandcamp page and maybe they offer an insight. Alternatively, I think if you draw your own conclusions that’s OK too. Art and music are there to inspire, affect and challenge.

One thing I will talk about is that this album is dedicated to the memory of my friend Maiju. Maiju once recorded some spoken word for me in her native language and it was the first audio to be heard via a secret track on the debut Gothenburg Address album. It was haunting then and even more so now. Maiju was my friend and I miss her dearly.