Hello lost person. Well, if you were looking for my other site it is still out there somewhere in the foggy ether. It served a purpose for a small while and I hope the many found some distraction in the music I was letting slip. I could not really justify the costs involved especially, as like everyone, I find myself living in an age of struggle. So now we find our selves connecting once again in the comforting sobriety of my blog. I will try and be more of a frequent visitor here myself but now more than ever I guess there is less and less to talk about as we all fall into the deep slots of routine.

But music is being made and I am very excited to share it with you when the time comes. I have been working remotely with friends, sending recordings back and forth, peicing together these songs. I will ofcourse reveal all very soon but until then I will try and be less of a stranger to you. Who ever you are.


Please follow the blog. Let me know that this is not complete loneliness.