Holster 21/06/2020

Hello. I hope everyone is ok. Since my last post the world has once again produced life changing events. We as a people are standing together and shouting enough is enough as racism and violence plague our society. I have personally been shocked and sickened by the images that have been shown to the world over the past week or so. The blatant mistreatment and killing of human beings is sickening and it is being carried out by the very ones who are supposed to protect us.

On June 21 I will be releasing the first of two singles and all profits from both releases will be going to the NAACP. I know there has been some heated discussion about this form of raising awareness and raising money but I do not have the money to directly donate to this cause so this is all I can do.

Follow the link to pre save on spotify and buy on the day or release




Hello lost person. Well, if you were looking for my other site it is still out there somewhere in the foggy ether. It served a purpose for a small while and I hope the many found some distraction in the music I was letting slip. I could not really justify the costs involved especially, as like everyone, I find myself living in an age of struggle. So now we find our selves connecting once again in the comforting sobriety of my blog. I will try and be more of a frequent visitor here myself but now more than ever I guess there is less and less to talk about as we all fall into the deep slots of routine.

But music is being made and I am very excited to share it with you when the time comes. I have been working remotely with friends, sending recordings back and forth, peicing together these songs. I will ofcourse reveal all very soon but until then I will try and be less of a stranger to you. Who ever you are.


Please follow the blog. Let me know that this is not complete loneliness.

The Marriage of a Killer and a Bird Song

December 1st 2019 will see the release of my first album under the guise of Harsh Winters. ( pre-order )

By this point I usually would have paved the way to release day with a spattering of shows and content but the past year has been a learning curve both necessary and also on occasion, regretful. My daughter, my lifesaver, has been my focus and reason and that meant that timescales and directions have been diverted and rethought. Shows will come.

The music though, as a true friend informed me, needed to be out there where it could be heard and I hope, appreciated.

I have always found it hard to go in to depth about what the songs I write are about. The lyrics are available via the Bandcamp page and maybe they offer an insight. Alternatively, I think if you draw your own conclusions that’s OK too. Art and music are there to inspire, affect and challenge.

One thing I will talk about is that this album is dedicated to the memory of my friend Maiju. Maiju once recorded some spoken word for me in her native language and it was the first audio to be heard via a secret track on the debut Gothenburg Address album. It was haunting then and even more so now. Maiju was my friend and I miss her dearly.


BROKEN 24/12/18


Winter is upon us and the funny yet necessary cautious walking styles have begun. My lungs have started to ache daily with the 4am frosted fog that fills them. On the plus side its the only way I get water in to my body so thank you harsh nature. I have never been able to drink water in its raw undiluted format. Drinking water makes me feel like i’m drowning. I used to drink a lot of pool water as a kid so maybe theres just not enough chlorine in my taps.

Christmas is a time for giving so here is a little gift from me and it is a gift in the guise of a plea.

PLEASE go and support local music and your local music venues. The bands we love and the bands we are yet to love are out there desperately trying to sing you their stories. Please go and hear them. 

As the end of a fucked up year approaches I must admit I am eager to start a new one. The ripples of 2018 will never stop lapping at our numbing ankles and I, like everyone, feel their cold reminder every day.

As a follow up to ‘Recovery’ I will be releasing ‘Broken’ on Christmas Eve. It’s a song I have been working on for a while which for anyone who knows how I write is something slightly askew to the hasty way I usually do things. x

Broken will be available from all the usual download sites on 24/12/18

It came on with a throat hold.

The plan was to return to my hall away from home and knuckle down to a days musical activities. I have been a tight rubber band since Recovery was released and, as always, I am eager to keep the stream of creativity a flowing one. Dawn of Tuesday and all hell breaks loose in my immune system as the virus finally kicks the shit out of my armour and the winter cold takes over. But I have been determined to keep up with my outlook on the length of our lifetimes and that every inhale/ exhale really does count.

I have been writing for Harsh Winters for about 6 months now, maybe longer. I am not sure what the vision is. It is a little unclear like my car windscreen which at present has a broken wiper motor. I am travelling the road singularly at the moment and after the fireworks of the Recovery production I wanted to see what the alone side felt like. So here are three songs including two unheard, sung in a space that I feel strangely comfortable in even though it has a slight hint of Midsummers kill zone about it.



Borderline feels.

Hello reader, listener, perverse spectator.  As my digits become less effective at cutting though the air I thought it would be appropriate to dialogue with myself on behalf of those who have not yet attempted to do so. That being anyone [IRL]. Key clicks from my tomb of self pity are now fully resonant through out the many belongings and failed conquests that trap my every attempt to move quietly so as not to wake my sleeping life next door. As a song writer I always try to dip into actual life experience but sometimes the struggle to be acceptable to those I miss and remember means there is a limiting. But what they don’t hear will never kill them.  Just in case though lets reside here for a while and pull up the box sides and keep all this between you and me.